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Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor but I tweaked it a bit


When I first started producing electronic music, people started saying that it was “Trip Hop” which for some reason annoyed me. It was probably because Trip Hop got a bit of a bad name due to the MOR vibes and car ads that used it years later. Thanks in part to the 90s / Britpop revival that’s happening this week, actually a lot of good music came out of Trip Hop, or what I think of as Trip Hop anyway. See what you think.

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Watercolours - Kyoto Train (Jyeah Remix)


Watercolours - Kyoto Train (Jyeah Remix)

Much has been made of the artists currently coming out of New Zealand. At present, Chelsea Jade Metcalf aka Watercolours probably isn’t front of mind when you think of New Zealand songstresses, but she’s certainly making a case to be part of that conversation. If you’re new to Watercolours…


We support Fair Use of our music!

We were upset to find out that a lecture by Professor Lawrence Lessig titled ‘Open’ was removed from YouTube without review, under the mistaken belief that it infringed our copyright interests.

This lecture about Fair-Use included -as examples- bits of spontaneous fan videos using our song Lisztomania.

Not only do we welcome the illustrative use of our music for educational purposes, but, more broadly, we encourage people getting inspired and making their own versions of our songs and videos and posting the result online.

One of the great beauties of the digital era is to liberate spontaneous creativity - it might be a chaotic space of free association sometimes but the contemporary experience of digital re-mediation is enormously liberating.

We don’t feel the least alienated by this; appropriation and recontextualization is a long-standing behavior that has just been made easier and more visible by the ubiquity of internet.

In a few words:
We absolutely support Fair Use of our music,

and we can only encourage a new copyright policy that protects Fair Use as much as every creators’ legitimate interests.



“Brian Wood’s The Massive proves that there’s room for political comics.”—Complex

Get the scoop on The Massive #20 (out today!) and check out more preview pages here.